Making time for yourself in the New Year

Making time for yourself in the New Year

If you're busy sketching out elaborate resolutions for the year ahead, I hope you'll consider the fact that you're only human. The human condition can be, at times, equally frustrating as it is a delight. To bring in more of the latter and less of the former, we need to make time for ourselves. 

We intuitively know that we can't get too far without food or sleep but we sometimes forget that we also need to schedule in relaxation and play. I'm not talking about parking yourself in front of the TV (although there’s nothing wrong with doing that in small doses or to satisfy a needed binge). I'm talking about finding something that feeds your soul and imagination. Do you love to garden? Find yourself some seeds and get busy! Do you like to paint? Practice karate? Surf?

Doing an activity that you love will energize you in a way that will prepare you to face the rest of life's challenges, with more enthusiasm for the entire package — good and bad.

I like to fill my energy reserves by walking along the bluff top by my home, connecting with nature as I wander through the cypress trees. I’m also an avid computer gamer—the sandbox type of games where you build and create. And I make sure to get plenty of sleep.

How does a nice bath sound, complete with candle light and nicely scented salts? I'll admit that it might be the cliché image one conjures when they think of self-care. I'm more of a shower gal myself, however, if I had a decent tub I would likely soak in it because salt water is wonderful to immerse in. The dissolved salts make the bather more buoyant in the water and are said to carry a host of health benefits from treating migraines to arthritis.

I invest in naturally sun-bleached sea salts from the dead sea as opposed to the chlorine bleached variety found in the mass-produced salts. And typically add calming lavender essential oil to the salts but am also available to add virtually any botanical of your choosing. I can make a eucalyptus variety for soothing muscle aches or a mint blend for cutting through head colds.

Salts are one of the easiest products to customize so let me know what you're interested in and I'd be happy to make it for you.  The signature aroma bath salts I make for a local inn are loved by the guests.
For the right skin types, the salts also make for a great scrub, but be careful as the salts could cause micro-abrasions on the skin. 

Whether your cup of tea involves practicing hula dance or, simply relaxing with...well... a cup of tea.   Be sure to apply often. 

Blessings and Happy New Year!

January 01, 2017   Post by: Debby


Thank you for the lovely reminder to care for ourselves, Debby. You do such wonderful custom work that has helped me to create my personal brand. I'm grateful to have you so close by and hope to do something again in the new year! Blessings, Sharon

Sharon Caren
January 02, 2017

Happy, healthy New Year to you, Debby!! I use your wonderful, original scent soap every day and look forward to taking a shower just to smell it!

Barrett Lucero
January 03, 2017

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