Practicing Quality vs. Quantity

Practicing Quality vs. Quantity

That's how the saying goes and I firmly stand by it. 

Exiting the farmers market scene last year after spending a decade working behind the makeshift sales counters has changed the dynamics of Gaia Essentials. I admit the decision to knowingly move away from the built-in exposure made me feel a bit uneasy. However, at this stage in my business I made the right call.  If my livelihood depended on rapid selling then the lack of exposure would spell my downfall, but that's not what I'm all about. 
The reduction of time spend in that arena has provided an opportunity to really study Gaia Essentials and what my business has come to mean to my core customer base.  I now have the time for more superior customer interactions and attention to detail.

I do love spending time with my customers, working one on one to get just the right regiment in place for healthful, holistic skin and body care.  So I am going to let the more specialized items in my inventory fade away while expanding on my customized offerings. 

Are you looking for a body oil that's made from bergamot and vetiver? I can make that happen. Want to mix things up a bit and go for a rose or vanilla scent in your skin sealant? I'm more than happy to do that too. 

The benefit of working slow is that I can spend even more time with each of my customers to recommend existing products and even craft new ones just for you. 

So please never hesitate to call.
I'm here for you at (650) 728-7745

I Absolutely Love Unsolicited Compliments 


A really heartfelt testimonial came my way during a stressful period last month. My website had been down for five days in December -- an infinite amount of time in a world where everything is built around the need for instant gratification. 
But, hey, the phones still worked! 

When a woman called in to place her order she asked me my age. Puzzled by her question I responded and she sounded relieved. "Good," she said. "I'm older than you so the chances you'll be making my facial cream for the rest of my life is good.
I simply could not bear to be without it." 

It's compliments like those that mean way more to me than any star-rating system you find online these days. 

Looking forward to chatting with you about your skin care needs soon. 

Blessings,   Debby

January 26, 2016   Post by: Debby


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