The holiday season, where giving is a gift itself

The holiday season, where giving is a gift itself

It’s been said that the true spirit of the holidays comes from the giving. I agree and add that giving becomes receiving. The careful selection, the personalization ... all building up to that special moment when your loved one unwraps what you mindfully selected. It's the sense of connection in making another person happy, that is a gift in and of itself. 

The item doesn’t have to come from the store. It doesn’t even have to be an item. It could be the promise of an adventure. It could be a shared sentiment from the heart. 

If you do want to purchase special presents for your friends and family, I urge you to consider supporting your local artisans over the big box stores. The folks who paint, sculpt, knit, bake, etc. with the goal of connecting you with unique goods sourced directly from their passions and the discipline it takes to run their own businesses. 

Similar to last year, I will be offering a variety of holiday options for you to mix and match with oodles’ of handmade skincare items to choose from.  In addition to all the usual goodies, this year I will also be offering gift baskets  in a variety of shapes and sizes. Head over to the online shop for inspiration or come directly to my studio in Moss Beach, if you’d like to talk over your options.  I love to spend time brainstorming ideas with my customers. 

November 27, 2015   Post by: Debby


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