"Hi,  My name is Jordan and I discovered your products through green heart family farms, Paul and Aurora are just lovely people to invest in and I'm happy you did.  I just wanted to let you know that after a 14 hour day in one of San Franciscos' best restaurants your soaps are one of the best ways to feel human again. I'm a chef and work in the heat the entire day. Suprise suprise, sweat is not a new concept to me. My skin loves your soaps and they give me a huge advantage, I'm relaxed, renewed and ready for the day ahead. THANKYOU!"

Jordan Johnson - San Francisico, California

"Beautiful products with quality ingredients. Perfect gift all around for family and clients. thank you!"

Anjou Ahlborn - San Francisco, California

"I just wanted you to know my daughter & I love your facial cleanser.   She uses it with an electric facial brush, and her face doesn’t turn all red like it does with the facial scrubs on the market.  So gentle on her ultra-sensitive skin!  Also I love the linen washcloths for easily and gently removing clay masks.  Durable, beautiful and effective.  We’ll be in touch for more products as needed.  J  Goes without saying, still addicted to your lip balm (sorry!) lol."

Thelma from Fremont, California

"I was at our annual meeting at our synagogue on Sunday and the rabbi's partner came up to give me a hug and she said "Wow, you smell so good".  What are you wearing?.  Well, I had the cocoa Shea butter and the vanilla perfume.  She asked others to come and hug me just to see how good I smelled.

I'm going to give her your web-site address, as she is most interested in the product and loves the fact that you make the products and how local you are."


"Once again, Debby, your products were a big hit for Christmas.  
Recently I developed a little sore.  I went through my various products coming across your Herbal Healing Salve.  Fantastic!  It was sore and slightly infected and in three days disappeared.  Could not be more pleased and not using the typical petroleum products.  You have a wonderful line and I feel privileged to have found you."


"I'm absolutely hooked on the eye and face serum! You were so right about it on every level. I absolutely love it and want to use it all the time. My skin feels so much softer and hydrated after using it. Gianmarco told me that my face was glowing; all thanks to your fine product!"


“Remarkable. When your products arrive and fill the house with wonderful aromas and scents they provide for an invigorating and pleasant atmosphere. Thank you for providing such a wonderfully consistent, valuable and enjoyable product.”


"Debby developed the best psoriasis cream I have ever tried- She's smart, kind and works with her clients- I can't recommend her products too highly!"


"Love these products!"

Lisa Linkin - Chicago, Illinois

“Gaia Essentials soaps are the ultimate experience in natural skin care products. Not only do they lather richly, their gentle cleansing is accompanied by delicate, unique scent produced entirely from organic, essential plant oils.  Heaven!  As a soap maker myself for more than 15 years,  I can vouch for the luxuriousness  of the organic ingredients, and the scrupulous attention to process Deb Icide lavishes on these products. Do yourself a favor and visit her at a local farmer's market,  or her  studio in Moss Beach, and take home  a selection of her soaps, creams, and balms to sooth your skin and soul.”