Aches and pains and booboo’s? Mother Earth Provides

Aches and pains and booboo’s? Mother Earth Provides

(Picture of me ice-packing Yeti after his de-sexing surgery.)

From the skinned knees of childhood to the aching joints in our senior years, it's impossible to get through life completely unscathed.

Thankfully, Mother Nature offers us an array of healing ingredients that can help. From magnesium to hemp oil, each can play a powerful role in making us feel better and work toward long-term healing.

In this post I will highlight some of my favorite products for managing those little aches and pains in life.

Organic Muscle Liniment

Hemp oil is one of the star players in this proprietary blend. The silky liquid base warms the skin as it penetrates through it  — working to erase tension, improve circulation and mellow out any pain. This liniment is brimming with beneficial essential oils and was a lifesaver for me personally through my joint surgeries.

I recently created the same blend in a lotion form with magnesium infused, which makes it even easier to apply. You can specify your preference on the drop down size menu.  I actually use both, the liniment first followed by the lotion to seal in with moisture.

Bath salts

There's a reason bath salts are often synonymous with self-care!  And it's not just about creating a pleasant aroma. The Dead Sea salts we use are loaded with minerals such as magnesium which is essential to our health. We use a variety of essential oils in our salts & herbs to both stimulate the senses and benefit our bodies.  If you would like any special botanical added, leave a note at checkout. (There is a section for that)

Psoriasis Balm

Over the years we have found this to also be an awesome heal balm.  Qing Dai (indigo naturalis) is clinically shown to ease skin irritations caused from psoriasis & eczema; this nutty-smelling balm is comprised of a combination of exotic organic oils and herbs that are beneficial for various skin conditions.

The bottom line is that we can't always predict or prevent the bumps and bruises that are part of life but we can make wise choices on how to heal. In addition to follow the advice of our doctors we can also take care of ourselves with a healthful organic diet and good exercise. I also want to give a shout out to the chiropractors, acupuncturists and massage therapists for the amazing work they've done to help me feel my best. A wobbly knee was good as new after my chiropractor adjusted it recently. And I must have a massage atleast bi-weekly, it's part of my healthcare regime.

October 31, 2020   Post by: Debby


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