My next big adventure; rolling with life’s Fluidity

My next big adventure; rolling with life’s Fluidity

In my last blog entry I worked hard to dispel rumors that I was moving and, now, guess what? In an unexpected turn of events, my husband and I will actually be moving from our lovely Moss Beach home in a few short weeks. Kind of funny how life guides you along, yes?

Allow me to back up and explain …

The whole thing started when I came across an opportunity that was almost too good to be true. Chris and I decided we would move up to Washington state in our retirement. I'm smitten with the pretty landscapes the state has to offer and the slower pace of life that’s apparent in the rural areas, at least. I always kept a casual eye on the real estate market up there. When a gorgeous listing suddenly popped up in my price range I knew I had to look into it.

It was just what we were looking for: twenty plus acres of land, water front property and, as an added bonus, easy driving distance to the lovely Olympic National Park. The extra acreage will allow me to grow a selection of fruits and vegetables and Chris can build his HAM radio tower without disturbing anyone’s view.

This had always been the dream for us, but the dream took shape faster than I expected it would. It even seems to be moving faster since we made the initial offer and sold our Moss Beach home. There is so much to consider from packing up and getting settled into the new place.

So what does all this mean for Gaia Essentials? The short answer is that I do plan to stay in business. Unfortunately, this does change things for local folks who are used to picking up your favorite soap and skincare products in the shop. Now you will either need to make the trek up to Washington or make your order online. I also plan to be out of pocket for a month or so while I get settled in the new place and probably won't be fully up and running again until late September.

If you're interested in putting in orders before I go, I can take them up until the first week in August. I will not be restocking sold out items until I finish relocation. You're also free to stop by the various Coastside locales that carry some of my products. The Half Moon Bay Inn stocks a lavender, coriander and mint blend for their line; Bamboo Hair & Body Salon offers lavender, bergamot and sage liquid soap and lotion and the Seal Cove Inn carries a whole line of products made with lavender, cypress and eucalyptus oils.

I'm not going away entirely, just changing scenery :).

July 13, 2018   Post by: Debby


Wow! Big news indeed. I'm a little jealous... We're considering Oregon or Washington after Andrea retires, or sooner if she can telecommute. Best of luck on your move! (Let someone else do the lifting, ok??)

Beth Monticue
July 15, 2018

Darn, I will miss you! So happy for you, though! Dream come true!!! I have many empty candle containers i wanted to be filled!!!!

Julie Hamada
September 17, 2018

What a wonderful adventure! I hope you love it up there!


Kris Robison
October 08, 2018

Hi Debbie, Wow that is terrific and sounds like a great move for you both. I am happy to hear you are still making your wonderful products. We landed in Colorado and love it here. Maybe you can come visit us sometime!
Wishing you all the best! Ann

Ann Duesterberg
October 30, 2018

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