Our Greenhouse is complete!

Our Greenhouse is complete!

After a good six weeks of construction, I'm proud to report my little 200-square-foot arboretum is now housing a bounty of budding produce as we speak.

Peas are blooming, my radishes and asparagus are producing and I've got every type of herb here you can imagine— from savory to thyme.

The idea for this project took root shortly after our move up to Washington last summer. I've always had a garden — even from a young age — but all this acreage simply begged for a greenhouse.  I started by searching for old windows at garage sales and put the word out in the neighborhood that I was looking for them. I ended up with about two dozen windows and even scored a set of French doors and few sunroofs to boot.

Next came the construction. I employed the help of a young friend named Zach. Zach was a high schooler who was introduced to me by my realtor's husband who taught at the high school Zach attended. Zach has become like a grandson to Chris and me and is over a lot to help with various projects.  With the help of Zach and five of his buddies, we pieced together the structure. It was like working a puzzle backwards to match the frame and support to the windows. It was a challenge to figure out but I am very pleased with the results.

If you've been reading my blogs and newsletters for awhile, you might remember that my dad is the one who inspired me to venture into the world of plants in the first place. In the early 1970s he retired from the Navy and studied horticulture at a technical school. After his hardware store businesses crumbled due to competition from the big box stores that were coming in, he converted the 5-acre space to a nursery.  The nursery was successful and his datil peppers were even used to make the famous “Dat'l Do-it” hot sauce. I spent a lot of time with my dad in our home gardens (we always had one no matter where we were stationed) and I just naturally picked things up, I guess. If my siblings or I were sunburned we would split open an aloe plant to help soothe our skin.

Now I make plant-based skincare products to help my customers in a variety of ways. Life seems to have a way of coming full circle! I'm sure daddy would be proud of my greenhouse if he were alive today.

June 13, 2020   Post by: Debby


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