Springing Forward

Springing Forward

Spring is here and although we are living in trying times, I am keeping in my tradition of embarking on new projects this time of year.

I'm clinging to the sense of hope and rebirth that the season provides and choose to see budding flowers  and longer stretches of daylight as a source of new energy, new hope. Even when the world feels like a place of utter chaos. That is something, right?

So what are plans for this spring? I'm recovering from a pesky cold right now but when I get back up on my feet I hope to spend a lot of time in the garden. Last weekend the seeds were planted so that in the coming months when I step outside I'll be treated to the sights of peas, various lettuces, radish and tomatoes growing in the yard.

There is a quiet thrill in being able to note the daily progress of growth. You're viewing life take shape in some of its more simple, yet beautiful forms while you gently encourage it along with a little love and maybe some water. Dining on the fruits of one's labor is another one of life's simple pleasures.  Some of the herbs I grow even make their way into my products. 

I have grand plans to construct my own greenhouse from old windows I've been collecting from various garage sales in the area and I am very excited about this project. Stay tuned for a future blog more about this.

Aside from life in the garden, I want to go on longer walks with my Maremma pups — who are no longer puppies anymore! — and I'm ready to breathe new life into the Gaia Essentials brand.

My apprentice Shannon and I have been gearing up to make new labels and take new photos of the products. We are dreaming of whipping up a few new recipes such as magnesium enhanced lotion and bringing back a couple old favorites such as various soaps and the massage candles. 

Is there any soap or skincare product you would like to see in the future? Or is there something that you would like me to resurrect from my past inventory? I'm always happy to hear more about your needs and preferences. Feel free to email me anytime at debby@gaia-essentials.com.

Stay healthy out there!

Blessings, Debby

March 24, 2020   Post by: Debby


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