Ushering in the Holiday Memories with Aroma

Ushering in the Holiday Memories with Aroma

The rich smell of apple cider simmering on the stove top, the fresh pine-y scent of the Christmas tree, the potato latkes frying up in a pan, these holiday-related aromas often stick with us as we age from children into adults. The olfactory sense is well known for resurfacing memories in a powerfully visceral way. 

One of my favorites is the smell of crabs cooking in a pot. Maybe it's not objectively the best smell in the world, but it brings me back to my childhood like nothing else.  Standing in line for crab at the harbor the other day, I mentioned to my husband how much I love the smell of the harbor: The water, the decay, the creosote pilings and the light whiffs of diesel from the docked boats. .… They all blend into a smell that warms my heart.

As we walked away with our bucket of crabs I overheard a person behind me say “I hope they’re cooking those outside, they can really smell up a house.” I thought to myself, “Yep, that's what I'm going for.”

I don't have crab-aroma soaps or harbor-scented candles to offer, unfortunately, but what I do have in the way of aromatherapy might bring you and your loved ones a little more joy during the holidays and year-round. 

Shannon, Gaia Essentials’ newest apprentice, and I spent a day recently crafting a few new seasonal blend soy aromatherapy candles. We are constantly creating various rotating aromas for all the discerning noses we all have. 

The soy-aromatherapy candles are made from 100 percent Kosher food-grade soy wax, blended with essential oils that are then hand-poured into stunning pottery containers created by Andrea Heikes Robards and the late Joel Magen of Dark Horse Pottery. The wick is a pure cotton braid for a cleaner burn.

There are available various aromatherapy spritzers, which can be used on your body or your home to enliven your surroundings. 

December 01, 2016   Post by: Debby


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