Choose to be in touch with what is wonderful, refreshing, and healing within yourself and around you. ~Thich Naht Hahn

A Moment in Gaia Essentials

Written by India Weimann


Posted on November 03 2022

What more perfect a way to learn and grow in all the healthiest ways than to run to the hills and cliffs of peaceful Pescadero?
Welcomed into the magical and mythical arms of Gaia, I get to have a hands on experience with Mother Nature. The environment was warm upon arrival with layers upon layers of delicate aromas. Within the first weeks I’ve experienced the love in making these products. It is not just a system, machine, or step by step instructional, this business is truly made with profound happiness. On numerous occasions I find myself thinking, I feel like a fairy! Whisking through the cottage, puttering through different flasks and bottles, and learning how to make concoctions with truly magical qualities.
I moved here in hopes of starting from the very bottom and working my way up, healing the body and mind during some well needed time away and unplugged. I have helped to create these products in a peaceful and blissful environment, and the first conclusion I have made is that the listed ingredients are only the beginning of what truly makes a batch of soap or bowl of bath salts. The unseen sunshine through the windows, the salty and earthy breeze from the hills and the ocean, the gentle touch of a couple of magicians and our laughter. I can assure anyone that the products and environment are just about as unique and authentic as they can be.
My name is India Weimann, I am Courtney’s niece. I’m 18 years old and taking a gap year, currently living in Pescadero with Courtney, learning all of her life skills and motifs along with helping the business. I hope to be a perspective that readers can trust, and an insight into Gaia to educate clients on how special their purchases really may be.