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Determining the right moisturizer for you

Written by Simone Froley


Posted on July 11 2014

Our skin works hard to protect us from the elements so it makes sense to give it some good TLC in return. After consuming a healthful, nutritious diet the next best thing you can do for your skin is provide it with a good moisturizer. How do you know which is right for you? Read on for some tips.

The Shea Body Butter is the lightest application and perfect for those with skin that’s on the normal to oily spectrum. It’s made from unrefined, hand-pressed Shea butter and leaves a (non-greasy) shiny finish. 

The Nut Body Butter is made from organic, virgin coconut oil and unrefined macadamia that’s well suited for normal skin. This blend will leave a matte finish along with a subtle, coconut scent. 

The Creamy Cocoa Body Butter is made from organic, unrefined cocoa butter and is great for people with dry skin.  This cream provides all the antioxidant benefits from the raw cacao and will leave a powdered finish. 

Those seeking even more relief for dry skin might try the Intense Moisturizing Cream made from castor-infused Shea. Made up of only 20 percent water, (compared to 50 percent in the other creams) this dense blend is well suited for areas that are particularly prone to becoming dry or cracked such as the feet. 

If you’re not sure about your skin type, consider things like how often you need to wash your hair or whether or not your skin can tolerate sunscreen lotion without getting too oily. Diet, age and medical conditions can all affect your skin so don’t be surprised if you notice changes overtime. 

Maybe you’re looking for something lighter, an Aromatherapy Skin & Body Lotion or Skin Sealant may be right for you. All products can be found in my online shop or come visit me at the Moss Beach Studio. I’m happy to discuss which products might be most helpful for your needs.