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The benefits of genuine aromatherapy candles

Written by Simone Froley


Posted on March 04 2016

Who doesn't just feel good after lighting a candle? 

The ambiance, that sense of focus, the warmth, the power...

Maybe there's a pleasant aroma emanating. The flame's presence helps you clear your mind. The moment is made all the more special, somehow. 

Doing the dishes? Light a candle. Paying your bills? Light a candle, along with good music, a candle can help the more mundane tasks in life feel a little less dull. 

However, all candles are not equal. The majority of candles today are made from a paraffin wax based from petroleum. The scents are typically synthetic and, up until about 10 years ago candles were made with metal wicks containing zinc & lead.  That combination can make the seemingly innocuous action of lighting a candle quite harmful to your health. Think breathing in a car’s exhaust fumes.

When purchasing candles, you want to make sure they are made from a natural beeswax or vegetable wax and that they do not contain a metal wick. They will be more expensive, as we know everything has a quality scale that’s reflective in the pricing. If the candle is cheap, be wary.

My candles are handmade from certified Kosher food-grade soy blended with pure essential oils to allow for the true benefit of aromatherapy. In addition, the wicks are a cotton braid that provides for a "clean" soot less burn. 

To top that off, my containers are a thick-walled handmade crockery from Dark Horse Pottery, which is located in Davenport, California. The crockery is unique and in purchasing one, you are supporting two artisans in one. After you finish the candle, simply wash out the container with hot soapy water and bring it back for a refill. Now you are really saving money and the environment by recycling. And you only have to pay for the cost of the wax, wick & essential oil. 

Candle tip: Always allow the candle to burn across the entire diameter of the container on your first burn. This will help prevent the candle from forming a tunnel directly below the wick.