Choose to be in touch with what is wonderful, refreshing, and healing within yourself and around you. ~Thich Naht Hahn
2 oz
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This soothing balm is a wonder for tight muscles and sore joints- but the best use for the mineral rich and vitamin packed salve is at bedtime. Massage on to feet (yours, your partner's) prior to sleep and let the magic begin. Magnesium has been touted as a necessary mineral for proper human function for the brain, heart and muscles. It has been linked to fighting inflammation, assisting relaxation and sleep.  Let that goodness soak in, plus essential herbs (White Willow Bark, Mugwort) and oils (Chamomile, Vetiver, Lavender & Lemongrass & Red Thyme) geared toward bodily peace and harmony. Spread the love with Soothe Salve.


Ingredients: organic Shea Butter, Magnesium Oil, organic Grapeseed Oil infused with Mugwort, organic Olive Oil infused with White Willow Bark, organic Beeswax, a proprietary blend of Botanical Essential Oils & Lactobacillus Ferment.


Handmade by Gaia Essentials, Pescadero, CA, USA.


We proudly uphold the integrity of each carefully handcrafted product. Nonetheless, your product's appearance may differ slightly due to variations between small batches.