Choose to be in touch with what is wonderful, refreshing, and healing within yourself and around you. ~Thich Naht Hahn
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This ideal base is a medium-weight blend of nutritious botanical & nut oils laced with rare essential oils and absolutes for the most exquisite massage you can experience. Aromatherapy designed to relax and meditate. Bring to your masseuse or use as a moisturizing oil after bathing. This bottle contains enough for five 90 minutes massages. 

You're worth it! 


Ingredients: Organic oils of Hemp, Shea, Macadamia & Pracaxi oils. Jasmine , Sea Buckthorn, Blue Tansy , Sandalwood, Helichrysum, White Lotus, Labdunum & Vanilla.


Handmade by Gaia Essentials, Pescadero, CA, USA.

We proudly uphold the integrity of each carefully handcrafted product. Nonetheless, your product's appearance may differ slightly due to variations between small batches.