Choose to be in touch with what is wonderful, refreshing, and healing within yourself and around you. ~Thich Naht Hahn
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This is beauty, this is grace, this is the essential fatty acid-nutrient-packed food your skin cells crave! Creamy-rich with 100% organic plant-based magic for glowing, healthy & happy skin.  This cream is extremely effective on dry chapped skin, calluses & scar tissue. May be applied to both face and body for glowing results. 

We have the original magic: Lavender & Cajeput, the queenly formula of anti-inflammation has served so many for so long.

Citrus, Sage & Ginger is wildly fresh & soothing plus, bonus! an excellent choice for circulation. 

Ingredients: organic Shea Butter, purified distilled water, organic Castor Oil infused with organic Matcha or Marshmellow, Emulsifying Wax, organic Hemp Oil, organic Rosehip Oil, Aloe Vera, a proprietary blend of Essential Oils, Phenoxyethanol, Capryl Glycol & Sorbic Acid.

Handmade by Gaia Essentials, Pescadero, CA, USA.

We proudly uphold the integrity of each carefully handcrafted product. Nonetheless, your product's appearance may differ slightly due to variations between small batches.