Choose to be in touch with what is wonderful, refreshing, and healing within yourself and around you. ~Thich Naht Hahn
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It began with a daily pilgrimage to the ocean. It began with the expression of awe felt when met by the wild and untamed vibration that comes from waves slapping into the sky, onto the earth and intermingling with vibrant scent of the Californian coastal plants and stoic trees that lean bravely into the wind.


It began like that. A magnificent love and nod toward this specific, local nature. In honor of the swirl of coastal bliss I scooped water from the salty sea, mugwort from the bluffs, collected fennel & bay, rosemary & sage and anything else I could gather and blended it into products the best I could. 


And this is That. The Whole Package:

  • Our Coastal California Soap
  • California Coastal Bath Salt
  • California Coastal Candle

 ...all made with organic elements and essential oils, made with a reverent bow and sweet bliss.  Choose one or all of the above for the one you love (YOU!), for fun, for a gift. If you have visited the California Coast, then you know what I mean. And if you haven't, come explore with us.



California Coastal Candle: eco-soya wax & a proprietary blend of essential oils.

California Coastal Bath Salts: Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, Dendritic Salt, a proprietary blend of essential oils with Pacific Seaweed, Chamomile & Lavender buds, crushed Eucalyptus leaves & a sprinkling of dried Rose Petals.

California Coastal Soap: organic vegetable oils of Canola, Coconut, extra-virgin Olive & sustainably harvested Palm, purified Pacific Coast Seawater, kosher certified food grade sodium hydroxide, a proprietary blend of Essential - Oils & Pacific Seaweed, topped with Calendula Petals and Eucalyptus leaves.


Handmade by Gaia Essentials Pescadero, CA USA

We lovingly create small batches using the finest & freshest of ingredients. Due to this wonderful tradition, batches might not always look exactly the same. High-five for human made goodness!