Choose to be in touch with what is wonderful, refreshing, and healing within yourself and around you. ~Thich Naht Hahn

Great journeys never end, they just change directions

Written by Simone Froley


Posted on November 03 2021

Hi! My name is Courtney! Some of you may recognize me as a longtime local on the California coast. I am a yoga practitioner, a masseuse, a mother, a lover of nature. And I am extremely fortunate, grateful, exuberant, humbled and proud to be the new owner of Gaia Essentials.

I met Debby years ago and have loved her ever since. Using her products was inevitable, since our mutual love for organics, consistency, simplicity and beauty translates right into her every creation.

At a cross road in my life and unsure of the direction to take, I did what I do best. Pray, work hard, stay openminded. I lit my candle, daily, and asked for guidance that my path be illuminated. Tumble wash, rinse, repeat.

And then the phone rang. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard Debby’s sweet, loving southern drawl inviting me to consider becoming the owner of Gaia Essentials. Just like that. A divine mixture of delight, gratitude, fear and pride sparkled around me. By day I was in a haze of joyful disbelief and by night I was buzzing with drive and intent.  More than anything I was honored. Truly, deeply honored.

One of the reasons Debby feels comfortable with me taking her beloved baby into my heart and care is that she knows, above all, I will not lose integrity. I am in 100% agreement that Gaia Essentials continues to source the highest quality, finest of sustainable ingredients and aim for organic standards. Debby knows that I vow to not be swayed by materialism, by watered down quality, by cheapened ingredients. We see eye to eye on serving only the best to our customers while being kind and indebted to this marvelous planet.

I have big slippers to fill. Debby is a giant among women, a goddess in her own right.

And I will go back and do what I do best: pray, work hard, stay openminded. I’ll light my candle, daily, and ask for guidance that I fulfill all of Gaia’s wishes. And yours! Please bear with me for a sec while we move the Essentials back to California and snuggle her into her new Pescadero home.

And when I say “we”, I must mention that I am not doing this alone. My wise and talented daughter Simone will be right next to me, supporting me with production, marketing and creations. My beloved Eric Hamor is heroically creating the physical space and applying his mastermind to sourcing and shipping and everything else. Elijah Helfman will be on call for his uber creative spin on design inspiration. Danielle LeComte of Second and West already has done wonders with the website. Tallulah, my younger daughter with an exuberance of artistic savvy and endless energy doesn’t know it yet, but will be plugged in any moments I can get her back from university studies and volleyball fame.

And of course, Debby. Dear wise and wonderful, resourceful and gracious Debby. She will be on daily speed dial with my lingering and upcoming questions. And, as we all know, she will be supremely generous to a fault.

With gratitude and a deep bow,