Goodness is the only investment that never fails

-Henry David Thoreau 

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  • Happy new day!

    Happy new day!

    I wish I had said this. I do feel it in my bones not just at the new year, but with every quiver of energy that vibrates through my body. I hope we all play these words on a continuous mental loop well beyond January 1. 

  • Love and other gifts

    Love and other gifts

    As I awkwardly heaved an enormous pot of soap batter into a three foot long mold, I fell in love. I fall in love everyday with the sparkle that the universe shines upon us and here it was again. Love. As magical earthy tones of golden soap spilled into its container and wafted scents of frankincense and myrrh, I melted into another blissful opportunity of Yessss.

  • Great journeys never end, they just change directions

    Great journeys never end, they just change directions

    Hi! My name is Courtney! Some of you may recognize me as a longtime local on the California coast. I am a yoga practitioner, a masseuse, a mother, a lover of nature. And I am extremely fortunate, grateful, exuberant, humbled and proud to be the new owner of Gaia Essentials.