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Aren't Farmers' Markets fantastic?

Written by Simone Froley


Posted on April 25 2014

Similar to the Town Square in times past, Farmer Markets draw the community together.  One of the highest regarded benefit is the social gathering. People come together, chat about current happenings in their life and let their children run and play with neighboring kids. Nothing warms the heart more then seeing these kids running about chewing on a ear of corn or a pea pod, with lots of fruit juices running down their chins. 

And look at this beautiful young couple dancing to the music of a local band!


The social interactions these markets offer are unmeasurable.

And the food!

Nowhere else can you sample and purchase products directly from multiple producers in one area. Although I have heard some say that shopping at a farmers market is more expensive, this is simply not true. The producer is able to pass along the savings from not having to package, refrigerate, and transport, and we know this also helps the environment to delete these middle steps.
The quality is always higher, the product is fresher, some picked that morning. If you compare the same quality to quality, buying from the producer directly will always be less expensive.  And did I mention that the money spent stays in the community, who can argue with that?


So get ready, here they come! In May thousands of Farmer Markets will be opening for the season. Farmers, Artisans & Musicians start early, hauling hundreds of pounds of equipment and product, setting up the tents and tables to happily assist you, our customer and neighbor.

If this is new to you, easily search/find a USDA market in your area here, or from your local paper. However you find one, definitely patronize it. You'll not only gain the highest quality food and entertainment, you'll walk away simply feeling good all the way into your soul.


Click here for the 2014 Gaia Essentials market schedule. See ya there!