Choose to be in touch with what is wonderful, refreshing, and healing within yourself and around you. ~Thich Naht Hahn

s o a p

Gaia Essentials's authentic soaps are made from scratch using organic food-grade ingredients, certified pure essential oils and home grown herbs & flora. Cured for a minimum of two weeks, this cold processed soap is hand-cut into approximate 5 oz bars. With a variety of properties and scents to choose from, each bar offers you a wholesome and unique bathing experience you'll fall in love with.

There are normally 12 to 18 different soaps, included liquids, available depending upon the season.

s k i n c a r e

Gaia Essentials handmade moisturizing bath and body oils, body butters and lotions are all created with superior quality extra absorbent oils & butters for natural skincare that doesn’t leave a greasy feel. With three basic ways to moisturize skin it really all depends on personal preference. Oils are the purest form and the longest lasting. Butters are thick creams made from a combination of oils & water bonded together with an emulsifying wax. Lotions are oils & water combined as well, but thinner in consistency for quicker absorption. You only need to feel the difference in order to understand what best suits your needs.

As with our soaps, the skin care products we create use only certified pure botanical essential oils for the aroma & benefits. You will find no artificial fragrances, extracts or perfumes added.