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Why should we invest in sustainably harvested, high-quality ingredients?

Written by Simone Froley


Posted on February 23 2014

Many of us already consider this trade-off dilemma when shopping for food. Should I purchase that cheaper product that was imported from across the globe and potentially infused with harmful hormones and pesticides? Or should I invest in that more expensive yet artisanal, high-quality product sourced from my own neighborhood? As in everything, there is a mass-produced cheap version of the top quality product. What drives your decision? What is important for you and your family?

Biodynamic and sustainable practices in harvesting steer my decision making when selecting ingredients for my skincare products. I strive to select organic, non-GMO & unrefined sources for each recipe and formula. My decision to support farms who are in turn taking care of their workers, their land and the environment is infinitely more valuable to me than the benefits of shaving off a few extra dollars in expenses.

Why organic? To avoid risking those residual pesticides from entering your body through the skin that absorbs up to 70% of whatever is applied to it. And on a larger scale, I refuse to support the destruction of our planet's soil microbiome by large agricultural corporations.

I avoid ingredients that use GMO practices (most often seen in our soy crops) because of the stunted nutritional content that manifests in the finished product and because I believe in Mother Nature's intuitive botanical technology without human interference.

And unrefined? Well, the oil-refining process causes ingredients like palm oils, coconut oils, shea and cacao butters to lose their potent vitamins and minerals and nourishing, heat-sensitive molecules such as proteins and essential fatty acids.

I believe saying "no" to these cheapened agricultural practices and instead selecting producers of sustainably grown, biodynamic and organic botanical ingredients is the key to creating healthy, vibrant and high-quality skincare products.

You will not find me using cheap soap maker ingredients such as refined oils or pomace olive. Technically I COULD cheapen my ingredients while writing "natural olive oil-based soap" on the labels, but I'll know that the soap I sell is infusing my customers' skin with toxicity and further damaging the health of our fragile, chemically-saturated ecosystem. Simple is better. We must use ingredients that are closer to nature.


This is true for my entire line-up of products. What differentiates my products from the others is the quality of ingredients I use.

Yes, it might seem more expensive up front, but the health of our bodies, endocrine systems, children and planet is worth it. Just like with food products, using ingredients of questionable quality can lead to more medical expenses, thus making that "cheaper" product more costly to use in the long-term. So... the cost of selecting high-caliber ingredients tends to be less expensive overall. Skincare is as important as ingested foods, as each ingredient is topically absorbed through our skin, which is the body's largest and most protective organ.

Don't be afraid to be discriminatory with the ingredients you allow into your kitchen, your shower and your body. Delve into that hidden ingredient list, research the chemicals you're unfamiliar with, and remember that each small decision carries the implications of our planet's future.