Choose to be in touch with what is wonderful, refreshing, and healing within yourself and around you. ~Thich Naht Hahn
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The supreme eco-conscious, sustainably handcrafted soap gift that will sweetly enhance your powder room with a burst of pure aromatherapy. Cut from the same soap blocks that make our 5 oz full size bars, this mini medley is an attribute to our zero-waste ideals and belief that even the little things are magnificent.

As a beautiful byproduct of the handcrafted soap cutting process, each mini bar is unique in size, shape and variety. Your bundle will contain approximately 3-5 luxurious bars, totaling about 6 ounces and packaged in shimmery organza gift bag.

Ingredients: saponified organic Oils of Canola, Coconut, Extra Virgin Olive, Castor & Palm. possibly organic Shea Butter, organic Hemp and organic Cacao Butter, blessed Water, Kosher, Food-Grade Sodium Hydroxide, a Proprietary Blend of Certified Botanical, various Flora. denotes certified organic. **none remains after saponification.

We proudly uphold the integrity of each carefully handcrafted product. Nonetheless, your product's appearance may differ slightly due to variations between small batches.

This product is free of synthetic dyes, sulfates, parabens and petroleum-based ingredients.

Handmade by Gaia Essentials, Pescadero, CA, USA.