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30 mL
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Formulated specifically for its clarifying properties, this small-batch serum is essential for maintaining shiny, lustrous hair and a happy, balanced scalp.

Soothing organic Castor oil supports the delivery of fresh wildcrafted Rosemary directly into the scalp and hair follicles to stimulate circulation, reduce inflammation, inhibit excess oil secretion and work antimicrobial and antioxidant magic.

Organic Black Cumin Seed Oil soothes the scalp, as well as reduces flakiness and sensitivity all the while helping to smooth, add shine, and help improve damaged hair.

A kiss of hydrating organic Rosehips & calming Lavender creates the perfect blend to soothe an itchy, dry scalp and promote the growth of thick, healthy hair.

You won't find any fillers or synthetic fragrances in this handcrafted treatment! Each 
drop holds the secret to a healthy scalp & a vibrant crown. 

Apply drops along your scalp at night. Allow to penetrate for at least an hour.

Ingredients: organic Castor infused with wildcrafted Rosemary, organic Black Cumin Oil, organic Rosehip Oil, Vitamin E and a blend of divine Essential Oils

Handmade by Gaia Essentials, Pescadero, CA, USA.

We proudly uphold the integrity of each carefully handcrafted product. Nonetheless, your product's appearance may differ slightly due to variations between small batches.